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Frequently Asked Questions



Do not store combustibles or perishables such as old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, etc. Make certain all fuel is drained or burned out of gasoline powered equipment. Throw away anything that could possibly cause fire. Do not store food in open containers or any item which could attract rodents or pests. Why risk your possessions just to keep a few cents' worth of leftovers?

Should I Keep My Stuff Up Off The Floor?

Yes! You should always put something between the concrete floor and your items. Ideally, you should use plastic totes that can go directly on the floor and then put any cardboard boxes on top of the totes.  Using shelving to keep items up and organized also is a great idea.  The goal is to keep your items from direct contact with the floor. The reason is that during humid days, concrete can “breathe” and sweat and taking these precautions will help your items from being damaged by moisture

What is the best way to store my items?

Plan and protect! Use plastic containers and totes to keep dust out and they are great for stacking. You may want to wrap your sofa, chairs and mattresses in plastic. Also, using boards or pallets to keep things up off the floor or a tarp is always a good idea.

How do I rent a mini storage unit?

Call us at 715-234-2074 to set up a personal tour. We will walk with you to tour and see unit options. After seeing a storage room, you will be able to see which size will fit your needs. Once you choose the right size for you, we will complete your rental agreement and issue your key. The process takes about 15 minutes. Once done, you can start moving in!

How do I extend my lease?

Our leases are month-to-month as long as you need. Simply continue to make your monthly payment and your unit is yours.

When I am finished with my lease what do I do?

Please give at least 2 weeks notice. Simply call and let us know when you will be moved out and where we should send your deposit. Your deposit will be fully refunded if the unit is completely emptied and swept out, and there is no outstanding balance, and no damage has occurred to the unit.

When is my payment due?

Rent is due on or before the first of each month. You will not get a bill from us. Please mail, or drop off payment by the first of each month. If you miss a payment please let us know by calling us right away.

What type of payments do you accept?

Cash, Check, or Money Order

What are the dimensions of the doors?

9’ wide x 6’6”tall or 9’ wide x 7’ tall

Do I bring my own lock?

Yes! We recommend buying a round lock shaped like a hockey puck.

Who can go in my unit?

As a renter you determine who can access your unit. Management may enter your unit to make repairs on the door or other maintenance for your unit. You will be notified if this needs to occur. If your account is in default, the manager will enter to inventory your unit.

Contact Us Today! 715-234-2074

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